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Yesterday was the start of the main talks of the IDSA conference held in beautiful San Francisco. The theme is year is ‘Connect’. More to come later but here are some images from Day 2 of the event.


Starting off ‘Connect’ Hans Rosling from gapminder gave a graphical presentation of publicaly available statistical data of many first and third world countries tracking trends and growth from the 60s to present day opening the audiences eyes with the comparison data analysis.


Bill Moggridge was the main chair of these events acting as host to all the main stage Masonic theater presentation.


Richard Seymour from SeymourPowell gave a presentation on their space tourism project for Virgin Atlantic. We’ll post the video once we get back into Boston.


Martin Eberhard (founder) and Barney Hatt (lotus designer) showed us a preview of the Tesla Motor.


Alex Steffen gave us a talk on imaging a future that works making us rethink how we can better sustain design.


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