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  1. It says (from translator)

    [Aoshiko] – in the transfer from the Japanese “blue steel”. In reality this is simple steel knife. Blade is made from the carbon, and it is on top covered with teflon. Handle from the plastic.

    Knife is placed into the black box, on which is placed the illustration to the history of Sarah’s suicide [Vens]. History itself is written on the revolution.”

    I have a knife just like this. It is baby purple – i hat ethe color but i bought it on super sale and it is the best knife in the house. The food you are cutting does not “suction” to the knife blade – and then fall in he way of your cutting area. (any cheffs in the house – you know what i mean). Do not use it to cut frozen foods though – it wears off the tephlon.

    I wish my knife was in a cool color like this is.

  2. it says the following:))

    These knives are made from carbon covered with colored teflon. The hand is plastic.
    Originally each knife is in the black box. We adjust our special sleeve with the print and story in Russian to each. All prints and stories are original as they drawn and written in our design studio PARK.

    For example the blue knife – Aoshiko, you can see the girl committing suicide with Aoshiko in her hand. The back side of the box is telling her story. Here is the translation:

    “… She threw her bag in a bed.
    — I hate cheap motels — she thought — all this stale linen, furniture with cigarette marks, remote control with two missing buttons…
    She went to the bathroom – all the same – missing tiles, rusty taps and maple syrup color water running from them. Who cares, she grined. She let the water and took off a skirt, a blouse and stockings, having neatly put all that on the floor. Then she brought old cassette video camera, switched it on and put on the sink. Water was surprisingly hot so she laid in a bathtub and relaxed. Brownish water was filling the tub fast. It is time — she thought, stretched her arm to the bag and got a huge chef knife out if it. The knife was all blue.
    — The color of my dream, she smiled ironically.
    According to preliminary decision of medico-legal expertise, Sara Vens – a physically healthy young woman, being in her right mind, has committed suicide at 9:10 am. Holding a knife in her hand she slowly draw a bloody cut along the veins of the other. Blood started dropping down mixing with brown water. Sara laid back and closed her eyes. The time slowed down, thickening and crystalizing. Sara’s face finally jumped in convulsion, all her sphincters and mussels relaxed. Absolutely white corps was drifting in dirty tub in blood and shit.
    Video camera rustled with the end of tape and switched off. Sara Vens was utterly dead”

    Sorry for my bad English but I think you’ve understood the gist))

    The white and black knives have their own stories.

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