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Forbes just released a interesting article on Motorola’s aliening cell phone offerings. Seeing how weak they introductions have been lately, it surprises me that people still consider them a first tier cell phone producer. LG, Samsung and even RIM have run circles around them the last few years, which does not surprise me considering that they have a army of RAZR owners that are very upset at them.

 “Three quarters of RAZR users would not buy another Motorola handset because they are difficult to use, according to a poll by Mobile. A survey of consumers who had bought Motorola products found many are still struggling with usability.

Motorola has responded by saying that its recently released KRZR handsets feature five improvements to the user interface, made in light of feedback from the RAZR. Mobile carried out a snapshot survey of Motorola users, and the results suggest the manufacturer faces an uphill challenge to convince its existing customers to stick with it for future purchases.

In the survey of 55 Motorola customers, 78% said they wouldn’t buy a Motorola handset again, with the majority citing problems with usability. The figure was slightly higher among first-time Motorola users. As many as 85% of the 48 first-time Motorola users in the poll want to switch to another manufacturer.

The survey revealed that 80% of RAZR users wanted to jump ship to another manufacturer with their next purchase.”

Motorola sold more RAZR’s that Apple Ipods in the same period so they will suffer from this for a while. This seems to be a classic example of a design that does not life up to it’s expectation.

Good design is more than skin deep.


Enemies of Wine – 1. Heat 2. Light 3. Vibration 4. Humidity. Image from Notcot. Love wine check it out.


Interesting panel discussion on start ups.