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Category Archives: Environment / Sustainability

“The Designers Accord is a coalition of design and innovation firms focused on working together to create positive environmental and social impact.” Quote from



Called Sit Bag designed by Turkish firm MayBeDesign.


 In Ireland the use of plastic bags was dramatically reduced when the Irish government imposed a tax on the use of plastic bags in supermarkets, etc.  Plastic bag use has dropped 94% in first several weeks.  Amazing!  Ireland is setting a great example for the rest of the developed world.  Posting from


Strange name for a dongle style solar recharge plugin for your cellphone.  Forgive the strangle name its Japanese.  Posting from


Researchers at the Idaho National Laboratory are close to a new manufacturing process that will allow new solar panels to work at night absorbing the infrared energy radiated out at night.  Click here to read more because the potential is huge.  Posting from


Fantastic and to the point on how our current system of consumption won’t work. Thanks Michelle for this link. Visit for more info. The video is in seven parts (sorry) or you can go straight to their site to see the full flash video.

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Re-use in items is certainly a trend that is becoming more pervasive in our society.  Approaprate re-use is essential.  I question the application of this design, although it is intriguing visually.  Posting from


By yuta watanabe, clever approach in holding a peice of lead.  Posting from


Clever idea since this device is always on the go.  By Chinavasion this console allows you to play NES and game boy games through an emulator.  Posting from


An article in the WSJ suggest that certain types of air purifiers emit ozone that breaks up air pollen can pose health risk. Must read article at the WSJ