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Articles posted below is dedicated to our continual effort in sharing the awareness of new and notable ideas on environmental and sustainable issues. All around we are becoming more exposed to this notion, however thin this thread ties to our everyday lives we as designers should acknowledge the issues that lies ahead and the challenges that it will bring into our profession along with the education that this entails to us all.


Old Suitcases Get a New Lease On Life

Called Sit Bag designed by Turkish firm MayBeDesign.




In Ireland the use of plastic bags was dramatically reduced when the Irish government imposed a tax on the use of plastic bags in supermarkets, etc. Plastic bag use has dropped 94% in first several weeks. Amazing! Ireland is setting a great example for the rest of the developed world. Posting from




Strange name for a dongle style solar recharge plugin for your cellphone. Forgive the strangle name its Japanese. Posting from



Solar Panels Working At Night?

Researchers at the Idaho National Laboratory are close to a new manufacturing process that will allow new solar panels to work at night absorbing the infrared energy radiated out at night. Click here to read more because the potential is huge. Posting from



The Story Of Stuff

Fantastic and to the point on how our current system of consumption won’t work. Thanks Michelle for this link. Visit for more info. The video is in seven parts (sorry) or you can go straight to their site to see the full flash video.

Continue reading ‘The Story Of Stuff’


Lamp Shade Made Out of Receipts?

Re-use in items is certainly a trend that is becoming more pervasive in our society. Approaprate re-use is essential. I question the application of this design, although it is intriguing visually. Posting from



Peg Pencil

By yuta watanabe, clever approach in holding a peice of lead. Posting from



Handheld Gamer with Builtin Solar Panel

Clever idea since this device is always on the go. By Chinavasion this console allows you to play NES and game boy games through an emulator. Posting from



Air Purifiers Bad for your Health?

An article in the WSJ suggest that certain types of air purifiers emit ozone that breaks up air pollen can pose health risk. Must read article at the WSJ



Great Game to learn about the eco impact of building a house


I played this game with my 4 year old son Felix. You can built a eco friendly house and learn about alternate heating and electric sources. Felix wants to start a compost in our backyard now. You gotta start them young -) Enjoy


How Toyota makes you believe they care about the environment


So, I am reading Dwell last weekend and they finally cut down on the 45 pages of luxury SUV ads (still GM seems to fund their entire editorial staff), but I run across a 2 pager for the next in “Luxury Sustainablitity”. Almost 500 Horsepower in a Hybrid. This is disgusting considering that most Diesel vehicles in Europe might have 40 HP tops.As I learned from Alex T last week almost 30% of the energy consumption of a vehicle is during it’s manufacturing run. This puppy with all its luxury nav and leather crap more like 50%.
I guess the 20 Miles per gallons it uses is a minor selling point vs. all the ecological impact this monster has otherwise.


The Secret Life of Cellphones

Visit for more info or at


Dining Ink

Dining in 2015, what does this say about us! Posting from



Sanyo’s Solar Ark

An educations facility of sort, a building full of solar cells. Pretty sweet.



China Bans Free Plastic Bags

To slow down the proliferations in the use of plastic bags, yes you know what i mean. You go to a store and the clerk backs one item per bag, a big waste and landfill issue. Well beginning in July, all plastic shopping bags in the entire country of China will no longer be free. This is part of China’s attempts to reduce their extreme pollution problem, the policy will call for a small charge for plastic bags in China that must be shown clearly in all supermarket receipts. Step in the right direction. Read more at Posting from

chinaplasticbags1.jpg ____________________________________________________________

You can find more environmental and sustainable posting if you search in our category section of the dustbowl. I hope you find the information shown enlighting.


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